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    here’s my new and improved amethyst. tbh i don’t even cosplay her i just am her lmao

    why do white people cosplay characters of color

    Why do dumbasses on Tumblr think a fictional character who is PURPLE isn’t able to be portrayed by someone of any race?


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  2. Anonymous said: I was jw your opinion if thats ok? I have a love of chow chows, and would love a purebred. But everyone is anti purepred and all that. Is it rlly wrong of me to buy my next chow instead of adopting? "Ur killimg dogs!" "chows r aggressive nd unhealthy!!" :/


     I think Chows are a really cool breed (one of my favourites) but they are pretty unhealthy and do tend to be a bit standoffish.
    That’s not to say they’re human-aggressive, aggression towards people and dogs is a bit different. Chows, like Siamese cats, usually stick to one or two people and are kind of aloof when it comes to anybody else. This trait was handy in the development of the breed as a guard dog.
     Some hereditary issues that Chows are susceptible to are:
    - Overheating
    - Entropion (eyelids turned in and the eyelashes scratch and damage the eye)
    - Hip and elbow dysplasia
    - The folds in their face can harbor bacteria and infections
    - Patellar luxation (dislocated/sliding kneecap) and just bad legs in general
    - Glaucoma
    - Cancers
    - Skin irritations and infections (it’s very important when bathing dog breeds with long hair to get them completely dry ASAP or else mold and bacteria can grow on the skin)
    - Heart disease
    and many more

     All of that being said, responsible dog breeders would be able to test for most of these things and even breed away from them. A responsible Chow breeder will be able to tell you if their line has had troubles with cancer or entropion. This is simply not possible to do with shelter dogs.

    I believe that shelter dogs deserve homes as much as the next guy, but purchasing a dog from a breeder is not killing shelter dogs, because responsible breeders have homes already picked out for those dogs before they are ever conceived. A responsible breeder takes back puppies who don’t work out with families, and never dumps them off into a shelter.
    I think that if you really want a Chow, you should look around for breeders and try to weed out the ones who breed purely for appearance. Look for breeders who put health first and keep away from the breeders who breed dogs whose faces look like they’re caving in on themselves (lol)
    Example of a “bad” face (and bad legs, jesus look at those):

    Example of a “better” (though not best) face:

    This “don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die” nonsense needs to stop. The people who say this need to be yelling at the irresponsible BYB, not the responsible breeders.


  3. accidentalmarysue said: Hello. I see you feed your dog vegan. Please stop. While a vegan diet does contain the vitamins and minerals a dog needs they are also very high in carbs which dogs really shouldn't ever be eating. For you its fine but please keep in mind the humans evolved to be omnivores. Dogs and cats are strictly carnivores.




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    Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts

    ACTUALLY, he’s trying to “bury” it, but because there’s no dirt, he uses his nose to cover it with water.

    Whoever thought this dog was trying to save the fish obviously never had a dog lol. Kiyomi does this same exact motion with her bully sticks when I give them to her sometimes. Pretty sure she’s not trying to “save” them.


  5. Anonymous said: how about watch the video?


    Let me quote Patricia McConnell on that video, this was posted on her facebook and can be verified:


    How about you stop anthropomorphizing animals and realize that this dog is not saving fish – a food source – and instead is “burying” them to eat for later.

    Have you seen this video of a dog “trying to save” the fish? Many people have interpreted it as the dog trying to “rescue” the fish by pushing water up onto the fish with its nose, but the dog’s behavior is actually a perfect example of “caching” behavior in which a dog buries something it interprets as food but doesn’t want to eat right away. The “rescue” interpretation is a good example of why understanding the ethology of a species is important when making motivational attributions

    That’s a direct quote from Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist.


  6. urbancheff:

    I’m like 99.9% ready to delete this blog.

    Honestly, I don’t know what’s keeping me here.

    There are like 2-3 people I follow / who follow me that I like, but besides that, tumblr for me is a total anxiety inducer.

    Too many fascist assholes demanding everyone adopt their world…

    Thank you for the advice.

    P.S. when I wrote “There are like 2-3 people I follow / who follow me that I like,” I totally had “anakirasinsight” as one of the people in mind. :)


  7. I’m like 99.9% ready to delete this blog.

    Honestly, I don’t know what’s keeping me here.

    There are like 2-3 people I follow / who follow me that I like, but besides that, tumblr for me is a total anxiety inducer.

    Too many fascist assholes demanding everyone adopt their world views. Too much chin checking & too much ego flexing. Too much politics. Too little humanity. Tumblr is exhausting.


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    Do you ever catch yourself thinking rude things about someone or judging them and you’re like “hey stop that, that’s not nice don’t u do that”

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  9. Anonymous said: It's so impressive that you like snakes and spiders and moths. Any other girl would run away screaming, lol. 10 points to you for not being like that. Thank god.


    i literally don’t even know what to say

    i am lost for words

    fuck outta here with your weird patronizing sexist bullshit and have fun never touching a girl ever 


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    Kiyomi’s dinner of pinto beans & quinoa with Vegedog™ supplement & a dash of garlic. Going to mix in a bit of Natural Balance vegan formula kibble for added crunch.

    You’re gonna kill your dog you twat

    What a well layed out, intellectual argument! Your calling me names has convinced me, I will surely change my ways now!

    Get off the computer & do something useful with your life.

    How about you get off the computer and feed your dog some fucking meat?
    Dogs absolutely /cannot/ live a healthy life just from eating fucking vegan food.
    They can survive, yeah, but not healthily. If you’re going to own a dog, educate yourself, and realize that a dog’s digestive system isn’t made for plants and your dumbass “vegan dog food” bullshit. If you are going to continue feeding your poor animal this vegan food, look into finding him new, proper owners that will treat it properly and with respect.

    “How about you get off the computer”

    How ‘bout you take your own advice?