Urban Chef

  1. Harsh, dude.


  2. eviljelllyfish asked: They're beautiful! I've only had a rose hair but he was still an awesome pet. How long have you had them?

    I’m glad you enjoyed the pics! They were given to me by a nice fellow I met at my local dog part a couple of weeks ago - I am quite new to tarantula keeping in general. I’m figuring it all out slowly though. :)


  3. every time someone unfollows me, like 5 new followers take their place, wtf are you guys, grey hairs?


  4. i hate it when someone tells me about a new t.v. show / music artist they’ve discovered & i just have to sit there & nod like i’m interested even though i’m bored to death like ugh is this how people feel when i tell them about new t.v. shows / music artists i’ve discovered? is anybody really interested in the media people other than themselves consume, or are we all just feigning interest to be polite? idk maybe i’m just a selfish dick.


  5. anakirasinsight:


    Money in the bank.
    Shawty what you drank?

    Canned soda, I hope.

    don’t feel bad dude. I have like $4.89 in my account and my credit card is gonna be two months late tomorrow sssooooo you’re not alone! *hug*

    Oh don’t worry, I don’t lol. My rent is paid, my fridge is full & I have food for Kiyomi & a couple bucks in my pocket for some beers etc. on the weekend & the truth is I don’t really want / need a whole lot more than that.

    I made this post joking on how poor I am (on paper) but in the real world, my quality of life is pretty amazing.


  6. Peoples’ revolution

    "The working class cannot simply lay hold of the ready-made state machinery and wield it for its own purposes." -Karl Marx & Frederich Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party, London and New York, 1932, p. 7

    "I declare that the … attempt … must be: not as, in the past, to transfer the bureaucratic and military machinery from on hand to the other, but to break it up; and that is the precondition of any real peoples’ revolution…" -Karl Marx, Letters to Kugelmann, London and New York, 1933


  7. A wild journalist appeared!


  8. thugmissus:

    "I always wanted a gay bestfriend lol"


    (via rockitdarlin)


  9. Got home & noticed P. Regalis has been doing some home decor with webbing & dirt curtains


  10. Are the pictures of the cute, fuzzy animals supposed to make me hungry?

    I legitimately do not understand how anyone thought this was a good idea.